Fight acne/easy DIY mask

Who doesn’t hate blemishes and redness on their face?
There is nothing worse than going through life with pimples and blemishes, but I have a very good solution which works perfectly for me and hopefully also for you guys!

The solution is honey! Good ol’ honey.

Make sure that you’re not using honey from the store that is stuffed with sugar. I use raw honey that my uncle brings from Morocco, so I can’t really tell you where you should get yours.. But just make sure that your using honey without extra ingredients.

So, what you want to do first is scrub your face (I do it with the Ocean salt scrub from Lush, but you can use any scrub that works for you). Make sure that you do this really gentle, because when you scrub too hard you’re actually damaging your skin. Wash your face, take your towel and dab your face until dried. You may feel a little tightness. This is where the honey comes in! Take your honey and put it on your face, focusing on the spots and blemishes.

Now, a lot of you guys are probably thinking.. Honey ugh, sticky mess. But it’s not that bad! You can use cotton pads or tissues to avoid the honey from dripping. Just press them onto your face et voila! You’re done.

How long do you leave this on?
That depends, I usually sleep with it to really let it withdraw in my skin. If you decide to sleep with the honey mask, put a towel over your pillow so you don’t mess up your pillow!
If you don’t want to sleep with the mask on, let it sit for a good hour and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Your skin should feel really soft. Apply a moisturizer or face oil by putting some product in the palm of your hand and then gently pressing it onto your skin. And you’re done!

You’re not going to see the results right away, but you’re definitely going to feel that your skin is getting softer and less bumpy. It depends on your skin/type of acne how fast you’re going to see the results, but I would say a couple of weeks!

I hope you guys will give it a try!