How to achieve soft and silky hair ♥

As a girl who likes to experiment with her hair it’s essential to take good care of my hair so it stays healthy and soft.
I try out all sorts of hair masks and conditioners but there are two products that I will always come back to: argan oil or coconut oil. I use them alternately because I really like both of them. It makes my hair look so shiny!

So, how do I use these oils?

Boil some water and put in your bottle with oil (argan or coconut, it’s whatever you prefer) in a bowl with the hot boiled water.
Leave it in until it is warm, but not too warm! You don’t want to burn your scalp.

Take the oil and gently massage it into your roots, then continue to work the oil through the rest of your hair. If your done, give the oil some time to really withdraw into your hair.

Your hair probably feels super soft at this point! I usually blow dry my hair right after doing this.

This my blow dried hair after using argan oil

If you want to try this out, make sure that you use pure coconut oil or argan oil! So don’t use styling products from the drugstore that contain coconut or argan oil. You can get coconut oil at a lot of Surinamese/Indian toko’s, at least that’s where I get mine!

I hope you guys liked this post!