Get fit with me! My work out outfit + workouts

While most people hate hitting the gym, I actually enjoy it!
I think a good workout session at the gym is quite relieving after a long, stressful day at work or school. It is a good way to empty my head from all the drama and problems.But of course opinions differ. But if YOU want to get and stay motivated to work out several times a week read along girl!

First of all: Your mindset is the most important! That’s where it all starts. If you are trying to lose weight and you constantly make up excuses to not workout, you’re not ready to start losing weight because you’re not really committed. You have to remember that losing weight doesn’t happen overnight and that it takes a lot of patience, hard work and commitment. You are going to have to motivate yourself!

Try to motivate yourself by looking up inspirational quotes and pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Weheartit etc. Get yourself nice fitness clothes, that way you make yourself excited to work out! Also set small goals for yourself. If you have never worked out before, don’t start by for example squatting 50kg.. You have a lot of apps (flexter) and sites where you can print out beginner fitness schedules.

If you really want to lose weight.. You’re going to have to say goodbye to the sweets and crisps. But don’t go overboard. And by going overboard I mean never eating something sweet anymore. Because by doing that, it is going to be extra hard to maintain not eating sweets. Instead, set up a cheat day. A cheat day means that you can eat a little unhealthy, so don’t eat sugar and carbs all day. Small amounts!

Don’t compare yourself to others! We all have different types of bodies. If your friend can lose 5kg in a week, don’t be sad if you don’t achieve the same loss. Your body doesn’t work like your friend’s body. And especially don’t compare yourself to celebrities, even though it’s really tempting (even for me). The bodies that you see in magazines, instagram etc. are all touched up. Celebrities have admitted it themselves. And also keep in mind that if you have a certain type of body shape (apple, rectangular etc.) you can’t just magically transform into another shape.

This part of the post is about my workouts, so if you’re interested keep on reading!

Shoes: Nike white Thea, Shirt: Adidas, Leggings: H&M

So, this is one of my workout outfits. Pretty basic, but very comfortable. I love my Nike shoes, because they give really good support to my feet and make running 5k so much easier!

I usually start with 15/20 minutes of cardio, which means cycling, running (treadmill) or stair walking.
After I finish with cardio I follow a schedule that I got from a friend. It changes every week, so you focus on different parts of the body. Right now these are my workouts, they are separated into 2 circuits.

Circuit 1:

15 jumping squats
15 squats
24 walking lunges (12 per leg)
24 knee-ups (12 per leg)

Circuit 2:

16 X jumps (8 per leg)
10 burpees
24 weighted step ups (12 per leg)
15 medicine ball squat & press

I do each circuit 2 times, so I do four circuits in total. It is really exhausting, but I usually tend to play around some more with the devices in the gym (legpress, shoulderpress etc.). But the schedules are effective enough on their own so I don’t always add extra workouts.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!